Have you ever been in the situation where you a started a project but then didn’t finish it?

At the start, there is lots of excitement and motivation to do it. There are lots of great conversations, lots of action … all is good in the world … it’s contagious … yay, get out the balloons!

Then a couple of weeks later reality hits … ‘stuff’ comes up: someone doesn’t do what they said they would do; there are problems sourcing the product; a supplier doesn’t deliver on time; there is a workplace conflict that needs to be resolved; there aren’t enough hands to do the work!

And that’s just at work!

What about family time? There are kids to be fed (and don’t forget the dog either); kids get sick; partner wants quality time; the in-laws come to visit …

And what about you?

You are so busy you stop going to the gym; start eating takeaway; stay up way late, get up way early … which is all cool … until you get sick or you can’t sleep because of all the ‘other’ crap going on!

Where has the excitement gone? Where is the motivation?


So what’s the answer here?

***It is time to PLAN …and plan smart***

If you have a great idea DO NOT sabotage it before you even start it by not putting some sort of plan together. And it can be very simple by making sure it covers all bases (why, what, how, when and who) – not every tiny detail.

The detail comes when you review progress and modify the plan.

It can be done on a whiteboard, notebook or project plan software; really, whatever …

What’s important here is that creating a plan is not a one-off document, never to be reviewed …

You have to treat it like your best friend who likes to go for a beer or glass of bubbles every Friday after work. And when something is troubling them, you take time to find out what’s wrong. And then do what you can to support them.

Your PROJECT and your PLAN are best friends!

Diane Gray

Specialist Consultant

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