The problems with business growth!

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As your business grows, have you noticed there is less and less time to get the work done?

It feels like there is a mountain of work that you need to get through and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

It can feel overwhelming at times and downright frustrating at others because running a business was meant to give more freedom not less!

Many businesses will fall into the trap that to solve problems they need more people. In some case that is absolutely true and then more often than not, there are times when there is no need for more people (or overtime!) because when looking into the systems in place they are either non-existent or are ineffective. Then it gets worse when the new people to the organisation are not sure of their role because of a lack of system support or insufficient training has been given.

When there are insufficient systems or supports, people work out the role the best they can and that includes the Business Owners or CEO to the frontline workers. Then the informal systems are in people’s heads and get shared when needed or leaves when the person leaves. There is no what of recording IP or processes.

This is a huge risk to business and more people are likely to leave a business where they are not supported by solid systems.

So often the excuse is there isn’t enough time, yet to spend time and money on getting systems in place costs a lot less than rehiring new people without these solid supports. Then the training adds to the workload.

Then it’s like OMG (pull hair out here!), this is all too much!

Now if you are in this situation then it sounds like you are ready for one of the following:

  1. Your business needs systems to be implemented
  2. Old systems need updated, or
  3. The current systems need tweaking for your business growth.

What to Do?

Get some help! And stop expecting to be able to do the whole lot yourself or with the limited team and resources you have…that’s called madness!

And it can be done very easily with a simple to understand methodology that includes implementation so that almost anyone can do with a small amount of training.

  1. Do a list of the processes that need to be recorded and categorise these into the area of the business they fit in e.g. finance, product development, service development, customer service etc.
  2. Check in why these are essential to your business.
  3. Record the processes. Keep the system instructions to a reasonable level – if they are too laborious then people will switch off and do their own thing. If they are insufficient, then is may compromise safety. Involve or delegate the recording to the most experienced person in the relevant area.
  4. Consult with other users of the processes for further input.
  5. Now it’s time to train and inform relevant people in using the process. Keep it as practical and job relevant as possible.
  6. Follow-up and review progress to check for what’s working and what’s not, then modify accordingly. This is the second most important step after step 3 because it will determine the sustainability of the system.

In using these 6 steps you will get processes in place with a systematic approach. Yet sometimes help is needed so ask an expert to come in and conduct a systems analysis. And if this you then contact Diane Gray for a complimentary Systems Review.

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