Need To Engage Some Help Quickly


Are you at the stage in your business where you need help with the workload? You need to find someone quick or the workload dam will burst. You’re desperate! There is so much business coming in…which is great…but there just isn’t enough time or people to do the work.

And the last thing you want to do is turn away work! But you are now at risk of losing quality in the product or service your delivery because you are flat out, haven’t had enough sleep, mistakes are being made, things are forgotten and you are only just holding it together…just!

And if you have not experienced this yet, then BEWARE…you may be there sooner than you think.

Well, there may not be one single solution for this but there are somethings you must avoid at all costs.

Here are my top 5 ‘DON’TS’ to avoid when adding people to your team:

  1. Do not let the pressure of finding someone over rule your gut instinct or logic when you have the feeling someone is not right for the job.
  2. Do not fill the gap you have with the easiest fix, the person who is easiest to put into the position without doing your homework.
  3. Do not put someone into the position when you are not absolutely clear on the role, tasks and responsibilities the person with take on. Working it out as you go can be fatal.
  4. Do not be tempted or persuaded to employ family members or best friends unless you are prepared to let them go.
  5. Do not put someone on without working out how you will manage the time it will take to induct and train them. Something will need to give in the short term.

All of the above will cost you a lot of time and money and usually clients in the long run and quite often you don’t have to wait that long to feel the effects of a rushed decision.

These do not mean you cannot recruit quickly. Just recruit smarter instead.

So DO these three tips instead:

  1. Plan a head – you know you will need extra help down the track so plan for it. What are the tasks you will need others to do when your business reaches a certain size?
    1. Write these down and keep adding to the list as your business grows and evolves. This list will help you with the position description…BONUS!
  2. Word of mouth recruitment – this is when someone refers another to you to fill the position and it can a very efficient, fairly reliable method to use. What you need to do here is…your homework…interview them, check they have the values as well as the skills that are aligned with you and your business.
  3. Make no assumptions – when someone new comes on board, it is very tempting to provide a small amount of training and then assume they know what is expected from now on. The you can very quickly move on to what you need to do. The majority of people need your feedback consistently. There is a lot to absorb when starting a new job and it is impossible to remember everything first time so they will rely on you to answer their questions, so be available.

Getting these three tips right can be a tough gig and there are many pitfalls to be considered so you don’t fall into them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because if you don’t, then you are opening yourself up for more work than you ever thought possible.

So if you would like a helping hand, contact me…after all, I’m only a conversation away.

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