Increase Productivity and Profits with Connected Systems

Profit with connected systems

It is amazing and terrifying the amount of new business owners who go into business with the same thinking styles as they had in school. And many don’t even know they are doing this!

The way we are taught to separate subjects is reflected in the silo mentality in many organisations. And what is terrifying… the amount of business opportunity that’s lost due to one service area not communicating with another e.g. finance not talking to marketing or marketing not communicating to R&D or vice versa… and the list goes on. The result is, as many of you may be experiencing, lost sales, lost time, loss of great workers, lost market ground and sadly loss of the business completely.

And that’s absolutely what we don’t want!

Your business is a system in itself, an interconnected matrix of sub systems that rely ultimately on people to make these systems connect in a structured way that grows your business with purpose and on purpose.

To make this happen here is one fundamental bit of GOLD for you…

Whenever you are, or your teams are in decision making mode ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS connect the outcome to EVERY part of your business as you go through the decision making process.

For example, if you want to expand your business, introduce a new product or service, or open a new office then constantly ask what is required from, and what is the flow on effect to, the systems and actions in each business portfolio such as customer service, service areas, finance, human resources, marketing, sales etc.

Do this by asking four questions guaranteed to get your started:

  1. What resources will we need from finance, HR, Marketing etc.?
  2. How does ‘this’ impact on finance, HR, Marketing etc. so they can deliver the resources?
  3. How does ‘this’ impact on the systems in place? What needs to change in each?
  4. How will these changes impact on finance, HR, Marketing etc.?

These questions give you the full picture of the interconnections of the systems and functions in the portfolios within your business…therefore must expand opportunity (because how can they not!) and it will certainly highlight any functions that may have otherwise been overlooked.

And when all is said and done, why not give your business a boost of interconnection in your systems and people so they grow together, not separately!

And if you would like to talk further on how I can help you, then contact me.

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