Create Added-Value Work Time Now

In the current work place, there is so much work to get through…more often than not…too much to handle.

The two crucial times this will happen is when a business is downsizing (less people to do the work) or upsizing (need more people to cope with growth) the work force.

The result in a nutshell is overwhelm…leading to high levels of stress and a sense of failure or incompetence to complete what needs to be completed. Then some people stop even trying.

If this is you, then do the following:

  1. Assess the tasks that you need to do and put them into two categories
    1. Value add
    2. Little or No value add

Ask your colleagues and clients for feedback to help define the value and relevance the tasks are to clients.

Get rid of the tasks that no longer add value for your clients. For example, keeping and filing hard copies when scanning to an electronic version saves time and storage.

  1. Work out, on average, the time it will take to complete each of the tasks so you can schedule these tasks. For example, set specific times for checking emails and phone messages. Block out time in your calendar for specific projects, meetings etc.
  1. Identify the barriers that may prevent you from completing what needs to be done. Undoubtedly there are going to be spot fires, interruptions and the unexpected arising throughout your day or week but if you are able to identify some of these and reduce their likelihood then you will find more time to do the value add tasks to completion.

So go out there and create your own rules to made these tips work for you which means you do the important tasks on time and with value.

And if you would like a helping hand, then I’m only a conversation away.

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