Who Is On Your Side?

No matter whether you are running a business or leading a team, you need people around you who will support you, your goals and your dreams.

There are enough naysayers out there who will trash what you are about as soon as there is the slightest whiff of success. Let’s face it, running a business or leading a team is hard enough work with the ups and downs that inevitably come our way without having criticism, back stabbing or the ‘told you so’.

Sometimes these people may be close to you, such as family members, and others will be ‘friends’ or acquaintances, but one thing they all have in common is that you do not TRUST them.

So who do you need on your side?

Well, let’s start with the obvious: people you can trust!

These people play roles that bring balance to your way of thinking and doing.

The Networker: This role is a very social one. They know who is who in the jungle and what they do, so as soon as a need arises, whether it is a graphic designer or a plumber, they are onto it. They get a buzz out of connecting people.

The Inspirer: This role brings creativity and inspiration to you and your ideas. They help keep the flow of ideas coming and allow you the space to be your most outrageous. They will help you reach for the stars.

The Devil’s Advocate: This role plays an important part in ensuring the rose coloured glasses come off and that you stay grounded. They want to see you achieve, so will make sure you are aware of the challenges up ahead so you can be prepared.

The Questioner: This role makes sure your ideas turn into action and the work gets completed. They will ask detailed questions on how, when, what, why and who. They will make sure you have a plan of action.

The Advocate: This role champions for you. They believe in you and what you are about. They ‘get’ you and will advocate for you to the end. They are your top supporter. They will also be the ‘kick-up-the-backside’ motivator when you need it.

The Philosopher: This role helps to broaden your perspective of the impact you and what you do, as well as others, has on the world. They can bring a lot of wisdom and will generally have a philanthropic mindset where giving and adding value is paramount.

Now these roles can be played by one or two or ten people, the number isn’t important. What is important is that you have these roles in your support circle.

And you will know they are right for you because the trust between you will be very high. It has to be.

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