Navigating ‘The Extinction Zone’ – Guide to Change Management – Part 2: Specific System Considerations


One of the most common problems when undergoing change is the lack of consistent consideration of the effect the change has across an organisation.

As a quick review of Part 1, this identified the state play that led you to being in ‘The Extinction Zone’, particularly when change is need for your business to stay relevant and in the game, or market you play in.

Part 1 covered question relating to the problem and the scope of the problem in the marketplace. Now we look into Part 2, the specifics of changes required in response the answers you came up with in Part 1.

So Part 2 starts to broaden a system-focus approach to change to cover the considerations of each system of your business because more than likely these will be affected directly or indirectly with some having more importance than others.

So let’s look a little deeper to find out

  1. what areas in business are affected because of the problem?
  2. what areas will be affected by the change?

Many believe the answers these two questions are the same but more often than not they may have similarities but they are not the same!

The first questions look at where the problem is showing up, whereas the second is delving into solution.

Here you want to be specific – name the areas and why they are affected. The challenge here, is to look beyond the first answer that comes up because this will only be part of the answer.

So now ask the next 6 questions, start bigger picture and drill down into those specifics.

  1. What needs to change?
  2. What happens if we don’t’ make these changes?
  3. When the changes are made, are there any differences in standards, expectations, benchmarks?
  4. If so what are they? If not, what specifically stays the same?
  5. If we make these changes, what in our current business structure is affected? List these, e.g. position hierarchy and departments such as finance, product development, customer service etc.
  6. How are they affected? Or what is the impact here?

Click HERE to Download the Specific System Considerations Worksheet


  • When finding answers to these questions, search into the systems and structures that are working and not working currently to get the outcome you wanted from the answers in Part 1.
  • Also start creating a list of the systems and processes that will need to be considered in each area to get this show on the road.
  • Then put these actions into the timeframe.

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