Navigating ‘The Extinction Zone’ – Guide to Change Management – Part 1: Identifying the Need


Do you know you need to change yet it feels like the world is against you?

No matter what you do nothing seems to go right…

Your workplace needs to make changes but others don’t see it that way!

If you stay on the current path, there is a fair chance you will have the digital Kodak moment – stay the same and become extinct! Kodak thought they were safe when the digital camera came in…the rest is now history!

It can look like your business has sunk to a new low…less money coming in, cash flow is tight, demand has shifted and so has your market, not enough time to make the necessary changes, not got the energy. This is in such contrast to what it was like when business was going great and you were on the high of success.

It is at these moments you have a choice…change or risk extinction. This is ‘The Extinction Zone’. And it has your survival instincts on high alert.

This is when a system-focus can help.

So give these 6 critical questions a go.

  1. What is the problem?
  2. How does this affect our core business?
  3. How do we know this is a problem?
  4. What outcome do we want?
  5. What does the market want?
  6. What are our competitors doing?

Click HERE to Download the Worksheet Template to Responding to the Critical Questions

These questions will get you started to systematically analysing the problem at hand.


  • Do not accept the first answer that comes to mind, got beyond this and see what comes up.
  • When you answer these questions, while they may sound like common sense (which they should do!), when we are under pressure, more often than not we only get half a response.
  • When using a system-focus, you need to go beyond the obvious, by that I mean some people we answer these questions rationally, with logic, facts and evidence. And other will answer them with an emotional response; the feeling and affect the changes will have on others.
  • Your responses should include both, so go ahead and give these ago and keep an eye out for Part 2 where the next set of questions go deeper into specific areas of your business that are affected by the change.

Remember, if you would like a hand then contact me.

I’m only a conversation away.

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