Have you noticed how taking action leads to results? And yet no action also leads to a result!

Have you noticed that to start something – a business, a project for example, and to keep it going there are specific steps that need to be taken?

Have you noticed how many step by step formulas there are to choose from and how confusing it is to pick one when they all guarantee success?

All the above can leave the hardiest business minds confused, stuck in no man’s land and not knowing which way to turn. It can feel like there is a war between the right way to do things and the emotional RIP that can pull you out into a sea of nothingness.

And when this happens your competitive edge, your energy to fight for your point of difference gets drowned out with all the ‘noise’ around you.

Using linear thinking is a common starting point to reduce the noise.  You will recognise this thinking by the step by step formulas where there is a start and a finish with sequenced steps in between just like a ladder. Very useful, this is why there are so many quick fix formulas out there.

Yes, very useful…to a degree!

In fact, overuse of this linear approach stops the thinking, it builds ‘sheep’ mentality instead. It spoon-feeds the expectation of how ‘things’ are done, without deviation…no thinking required. And success is guaranteed…hmmm!

The overuse of linear thinking is driven by fear of failure, fear of losing face and the fear of getting it wrong. It is also driven by those wanting a quick fix to problems…no need to think, just do and do quickly. The current over reliance on step by step formulas that are flooding advertising, blogs and social media are killing business ingenuity and innovation.

It is killing off the very thing people want…to stand out in a crowded market place.

As you may imagine, this will not build your competitive advantage, let alone build a sustainable business model.

The answer?

Start by limiting the linear processes to essentials only. A great example here is an evacuation procedure where in the case of an emergency you want everyone to know and follow the evacuation plan as per the drills practiced…it will save lives!

What else?

Use system-focus thinking. This means you engage or take on a model or a methodology that builds and encourages creativity beyond the straight up and down of the ladder. A model that stops you being sucked into the RIP that leads to nothingness.

It means you can use a universal model, like the System-Focus Model and add your own flavour, modify how you use it to fit your market demands, choose who you share the model with and who you build the model for. In other words, YOU MAKE IT YOUR OWN.

The universal nature of the model provides you with the competitive advantage you are after. And this is exactly what the System-Focus Model does for business.

Diane Gray, Specialist Consultant (Service Industry), GrayHeart,

Creator of System-Focus Model for Business

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