Stop Trying and Just Do It

just do it

Last week Sally (not her real name) reminded me of a conversation we had a few months ago where shared what she wanted to do in her business. Then Sally had started to telling me about the things that were holding her back from what she wanted to do, but she was TRYING so many things.

Said then said the what made the difference for her when she asked for my opinion was that I said ‘Stop trying and just do it!’

How often is it that people become distracted by the frills and thrills of thoughts, rather than committing to solid foundation of taking action?

Stop trying and just do it!

While teaching and coaching swimming many people, ‘Stop trying and just do it!’ was one of the most powerful learnings for any of any age.

What Sally was doing was the same as if you showed up at the pool, imagined yourself racing and then winning a gold medal…but you never get in the pool because… (insert many reasons!). But you know what, a least you were at the pool!

Is this enough…obviously not, so why do so many people stop here?

And do it again!

If we want to do ‘something’, then we then go out and do it. We will soon find out whether it is to the standard we want because of the results we get. And if it isn’t to standard, then we do it again, then again, then again etc. until we achieve the desired results.

Yet this can take FOREVER (or that’s what feels like it).

But you are a bit closer to the results because at least you have taken some action.

Now you are in the pool and you want to reach the other side. But you know, there is not a lot of direction to how you are going to get there, so you find yourself bobbing around, making some ground then losing ground, then making some ground. And before you know it motivation is lost…then you give up.

Is this enough…obviously not!


Now do it with purpose

Take the time to plan…so you can be specific with the steps required so you can deliver the results while also enjoying the process of ticking off the smaller goals along the way to the bigger RESULT.

Keep doing the do!

Keep your plan agile so you can make changes according to the progress you make.

You know, Michael Phelps did not win 18 gold medals by siting on the edge or by getting in the pool and swimming laps without a plan or purpose! And he worked with his coach Bob Bowman to make the necessary changes along the way so he stayed on purpose.

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