How to Know When Change is a Must

Change is vital

Have you got people working for you who are slow to change when it’s required?
In businesses and workplaces, we have to move with industry or market changes and sometimes that is upon us very quickly.

This can be frustrating for both you and the person or people involved when resistance to change is evident and it can put everyone under a lot of pressure.
So what can you do about it?

  1. For starters, understand the nature of the change, why it needs to happen (what is or won’t happen if the change does or doesn’t happen) and communicate this with your team…listen to their concerns.
  2. Then, brainstorm possible strategies with your team, there could be gold here. This can take less than 30minutes depending on the scope of the change but when others are involved they are more likely to come on board faster and feel they have contributed to the final outcome.
  3. Then, get a plan of action – a plan that shows steps and timelines for implementing the change. Make sure all involved fully understand this strategy.

BONUS – make sure this plan has check points to check in with the people who are affected or implementing the change.


Because any hiccups will show up quicker and those doing the implementing know there is back up when under the pump.

AND very importantly it reduces the drama around the change process!
So now it’s time to take action and manage the musts with the people and the change together, turning change resisters into change directors.

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