Fair Dinkum – The Deal Breaker


The very Aussie expression ‘Fair Dinkum’ can be expressed in so many ways and in so many situations depending on the context.

The one consistent thing when using this expression is that the user is seeking confirmation about the truth of something. Can ‘this’ be trusted?

Trust is a MUST HAVE component of every long term, successful relationship business owners have with clients as well as with staff, contractors, suppliers and many more stakeholders.

It provides you with repeat business, word of mouth referrals and leads to people wanting to work with you. After all, there are not many people out there who people trust!

How often have you heard that before?

And if you don’t operate in the space of being ‘Fair Dinkum’, then others notice the untruths or a lack of consistency, which then leads them to think you are hiding something or not being open with them.

So …

What does it mean to you if a client refers to you as ‘fair dinkum’ when talking to others? For example, ‘Jane is fair dinkum with the work she does, she’s the real deal.’

What is being said here?

Jane can be TRUSTED!

Yes … It’s a great testament to the trust you build with the people you work with.

So, go out and be FAIR DINKUM.

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